Tivoli is the world’s second oldest Amusement Park

Tivoli is a must for all children and those who like to play. Tivoli is located just a few minutes walk from City Hall, and with the Central Station as its nearest neighbor it is very easy to get to.

Tivoli is the world’s second oldest amusement park and is one of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions. Tivoli is filles with wild rides, green oases, gourmet food, and rock concerts – and much more.

The rides
The Demon, the Golden Tower and Vertigo can challenge the big, while The Flying Trunk, The Little Aviator and Veteran cars are a hit with the kids. All 29 rides opens 11.30.

The old amusement park is from 1843 and is a garden full of tradition. At Tivoli there is something for everyone. The garden is not only full with rides and adventures, but can also offer a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Here you will find green areas, lakes, fountains and beautiful flowers.

Tivoli has three outdoor scenes, with lots of live music – both Danish and international artists. Every Friday throughout the summer season there is Friday Rock at the lawn.

In Tivoli you can also experience the Tivoli Gardens parade through the park or watch a performance in the Pantomime theatre. Petzi walks around the garden every day to greet children of all ages.

Autumn and christmas
Every year at the autumn holiday Tivoli is transformed into an enchanted autumn universe full of witches, pumpkins and lanterns. All rides are running as they do from the middle of November and throughout December, where Christmas in Tivoli opens its doors.

Fireworks is an old tradition in Tivoli. On special occasions, such as the opening and closing of the Summer season and on Tivoli’s birthday on August 15th you can experience the beautiful fireworks. There are also fireworks on selected days during the summer season. Between Christmas and New Year there is the Tivoli fireworks festival with fireworks everyday.